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Adversities do not make a man frail. They show what sort of man he is.

The acknowledgment of our weakness is the first step in repairing our loss.
Love is swift, sincere, pious, joyful, generous, strong, patient, faithful, prudent, long-suffering, courageous, and never seeking its own; for wheresoever a person seeketh his own, there he falleth from love.
Many deceive themselves, imagining they'll find happiness in change.
We usually know what we can do, but temptation shows us who we are.
First keep peace with yourself, then you can also bring peace to others.
Be not angry that you cannot make another what you wish them to be; since you cannot make yourself what you wish to be.
Don't think so much about who is for or against you, rather give all your care, that God be with you in everything you do.
Activate yourself to duty by remembering your position, who you are, and what you have obliged yourself to be.
Love makes everything that is heavy light.
The loftier the building the deeper the foundation must be.
He has great tranquillity of heart who cares neither for the praises nor the fault-finding of men.
Do not let your peace depend on the hearts of men; whatever they say about you, good or bad, you are not because of it another man, for as you are, you are.
Whatever you do, do it with intelligence, and keep the end in view.
When a man is out of sight, it is not too long before he is out of mind.
How sweet it is to love, and to be dissolved, and as it were to bathe myself in thy love.
Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble, attempts what is above its strength.... It is therefore able to undertake all things, and it completes many things, and warrants them to take effect, where he who does not love would faint and lie down.
The highest in God's esteem are the lowest in their own.
Man proposes, but God disposes.
Don't flatter the rich, or appear to willing before the great.
Bear the Cross cheerfully and it will bear you.
Everywhere I have sought rest and not found it, except sitting in a corner by myself with a little book.
Peace and happiness are what you covet, but these are only to be obtained by labor.
The better you understand yourself the less cause you will find to love yourself.
Wherever you go, you will always bear yourself about with you, and so you will always find yourself.
It is no little wisdom for a man to keep himself in silence and in good peace when evil words are spoken to him, and to turn his heart to God and not to be troubled with man's judgment.
Set me free from evil passions, and heal my heart of all inordinate affections; that being inwardly cured and thoroughly cleansed, I may be made fit to love, courageous to suffer, steady to persevere.
The enemy is more easily overcome if he be not suffered to enter the door of our hearts, but be resisted without the gate at his first knock.
You are a man, not God; you are human, not an angel. How can you expect to remain always in a constant state of virtue, when this was not possible even for an angel of Heaven, nor for the first man in the Garden?
Anyone who thinks hard work will never hurt you has never had to pay to have it done. Jesus now has many lovers of his Heavenly Kingdom, but few bearers of his cross.
Pass no rash condemnation on other peoples words or actions.
Intelligence must follow faith, never precede it. and never destroy it.
It is vanity to desire a long life and to take no heed of a good life.
Love feels no burden, regards not labors, strives toward more than it attains, argues not of impossibility, since it believes that it may and can do all things. Therefore it avails for all things, and fulfils and accomplishes much where one not a lover falls and lies helpless.
Remember, your prerogative is to govern, and not to serve the things of this world.
Out of sight, out of mind. The absent are always in the wrong.
It is much safer to obey, than to govern.
By two wings a man is lifted up from things earthly: by simplicity and purity.
Permit no hour to go by without it due improvement.
An humble knowledge of thyself is a surer way to God than a deep search after learning.
Simplicity is the intention, purity in the affection; simplicity turns to God, purity unites with and enjoys him.
Thou art my glory and the exultation of y heart: thou art my hope and refuge in the day of my trouble.
If your heart were sincere and upright, every creature would be unto you a looking-glass of life and a book of holy doctrine.
The intention which is fixed on God as its only end will keep people steady in their purposes, and deliver them from being the joke and scorn of fortune.
He does much who loves God much, and he does much who does his deed well, and he does his deed well who does it rather for the common good than for his own will.
He that loveth, flieth, runneth, and rejoiceth. He is free, and cannot be held in. He giveth all for all, and hath all in all, because he resteth in one highest above all things, from whom all that is good flows and proceeds.
Love Him, and keep Him for thy Friend, who, when all go away, will not forsake thee, nor suffer thee to perish at the last.
Scruples, temptations, and fears, and cutting perplexities of the heart, are often the lot of the most excellent persons.
No one is qualified to converse in public except those contented to do without such conversation.
As iron put into the fire loseth its rust and becometh clearly red-hot, so he that wholly turneth himself unto God puts off all slothfulness, and is transformed into a new man.

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