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We would often be sorry if our wishes were granted.

To do nothing evil is good; to wish nothing evil is better.
Stop the mindless wishing that things would be different. Rather than wasting time and emotional and spiritual energy in explaining why we don't have what we want, we can start to pursue other ways to get it.
If a man could have half of his wishes, he would double his troubles.
Between the wish and the thing life lies waiting.
Some people develop a wishbone where their backbone should be.
Beware what you set your heart upon. For it shall surely be yours.
A man, when he wishes, is the master of his fate.
We are never further from what we wish than when we believe that we have what we wished for.
If wishes were fishes we'd all be throwing nets. If wishes were horses we'd all ride.
Let us act on what we have, since we have not what we wish.
My only wish is that my wishes be at rest.
A prayer in its simplest definition is merely a wish turned Godward.
A man of the world must seem to be what he wishes to be thought.
We must not wish anything other than what happens from moment to moment, all the while, however, exercising ourselves in goodness.
A wish is a desire without an attempt.
If wishes were horses then beggars would ride.
DATO'S LAW. Wishes expand in direct proportion to the resources available for their gratification.
When we get to wishing a great deal for ourselves, whatever we get soon turns into mere limitation and exclusion.
There is no beautifier of complexion or form of behavior like the wish to scatter joy, and not pain, around us.
Oh, the secret life of man and woman --dreaming how much better we would be than we are if we were somebody else or even ourselves, and feeling that our estate has been unexploited to its fullest.
Men try to run life according to their wishes; life runs itself according to necessity.
Wishing of all strategies, is the worst.

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