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When you can't have anything else, you can have virtue.

Unless the reformer can invent something which substitutes attractive virtues for attractive vices, he will fail.
Virtue by premeditation isn't worth much.
I cannot love anyone if I hate myself. That is the reason why we feel so extremely uncomfortable in the presence of people who are noted for their special virtuousness, for they radiate an atmosphere of the torture they inflict on themselves. That is not a virtue but a vice.
Virtue is too often merely local.
The wise man applauds he who he thinks most virtuous; the rest of the world applauds the wealthy.
Virtue must be valuable, if men and women of all degrees pretend to have it.
Why does a virtuous man take delight in the landscapes? Because the din of the dusty world and the locked-in-ness of human habitations are what human nature habitually abhors; while on the contrary, haze, mist, and the haunting spirits of the mountains are what human nature seeks, and yet can rarely find.
Virtue is the only true nobility.
People who are in a fortunate position always attribute virtue to what makes them so happy.
If we've learned anything in the past quarter century, it is that we cannot federalize virtue.
Nothing is illegal if one hundred businessmen decide to do it.
The only virtue a character needs to possess between hardcovers, even if he bears a real person's name, is vitality: if he comes to life in our imaginations, he passes the test.
Virtue is its own reward. There's a pleasure in doing good which sufficiently pays itself.
What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered
The virtue in most request is conformity.
The less a man thinks or knows about his virtues, the better we like him.
Be generous, good and just, when anything is to be gained by virtue.
The virtues of society are vices of the saint. The terror of reform is the discovery that we must cast away our virtues, or what we have always esteemed such, into the same pit that has consumed our grosser vices.
Virtuous people are simply those who have not been tempted sufficiently, because they live in a vegetative state, or because their purposes are so concentrated in one direction that they have not had the leisure to glance around them.
Nothing in our times has become so unattractive as virtue.
Pleasure which must be enjoyed at the expense of another's pain, can never be enjoyed by a worthy mind. Pleasure's couch is virtues grave.
Temperance and labor are the two best virtues. Labor whets the appetite, temperance curbs it.
Every one suspects himself of at least one of the cardinal virtues, and this is mine: I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known.
Virtue has never been as respectable as money.
We may eventually come to realize that chastity is no more a virtue than malnutrition.
Virtue cannot separate itself from reality without becoming a principle of evil.
A virtue to be serviceable must, like gold, be alloyed with some commoner, but more durable alloy.
Rare virtues are like rare plants or animals, things that have not been able to hold their own in the world. A virtue to be serviceable must, like gold, be alloyed with some commoner but more durable metal.
Virtue knows that it is impossible to get on without compromise, and tunes herself, as it were, a trifle sharp to allow for an inevitable fall in playing.
There are nine hundred and ninety-nine patrons of virtue to one virtuous man.
That virtue we appreciate is as much ours as another s. We see so much only as we possess.
The worse others are the better we should be; when vice is daring, let not virtue be sneaking.
Sell not virtue to purchase wealth.
Virtue is doing great things while maintaining a very small sense of self as the doer. It is accumulating merit without attracting attention to oneself... As soon as pride overwhelms us, the merit of our meditation and good deeds is drained away.
Enjoy the good health. Bring the truth happiness. Care of his own family. Give the peace to all. Firstly, one must discipline and control his own mind. If he can do so, the enlightenment, wisdom and virtue will go to him naturally.
Make foes of bowmen if you must, Never of penmen

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