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Today is Toolsday! Lets gather the right tools to make today a Beautiful day! Start with a smile! Tool #1

Tool #2 The Scale! Measure your words for they can cut and cause pain to someone! Think? Do they really deserve that!
Its Tuesday or as i call it Toolsday, get your tools & sources ready for today's mission. PUSH attitude & common sense; results in common cent's & that's Big Change
Its Toolsday, pack a Tool don't be a tool & use what you got to get closer to the top . Sources & connects are key factors to success.
Happy Toolsday, Make Funds not a Fool of yourself to better your wealth. Use what you learn from work or school as a tool to continue your success drive.
Its Toolsday pack ya tool and move day, skills and connects keep you moving to success don't be stationary u'll get beat by ur adversary.

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