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The supply of time is a daily miracle. You wake up in the morning and lo! Your purse is magnificently filled with 24 hours of the unmanufactured tissue of the universe of life. It is yours! The most precious of your possessions.

A grindstone that had not grit in it, how long would it take to sharpen an ax? And affairs that had not grit in them, how long would they take to make a man?
We are weighed down, every moment, by the conception and the sensation of Time. And there are but two means of escaping and forgetting this nightmare: pleasure and work. Pleasure consumes us. Work strengthens us. Let us choose.
The geometry of landscape and situation seems to create its own systems of time, the sense of a dynamic element which is cinematizing the events of the canvas, translating a posture or ceremony into dynamic terms. The greatest movie of the 20th century is the Mona Lisa, just as the greatest novel is Gray's Anatomy.
Time is the measure of business.
Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations.
To choose time is to save time.
He who lets time rule him will live the life of a slave.
The barrenest of all mortals is the sentimentalist.
Society is infested by persons who, seeing that the sentiments please, counterfeit the expression of them. These we call sentimentalists--talkers who mistake the description for the thing, saying for having.
Sentiment is the poetry of the imagination.
The world makes up for all its follies and injustices by being damnably sentimental.
He who molds the public sentiment... makes statues and decisions possible or impossible to make.
Sentiment is intellectualized emotion; emotion precipitated, as it were, in pretty crystals by the fancy.
Sentimentality is the only sentiment that rubs you the wrong way.
A sentimentalist is simply one who desires to have the luxury of an emotion without paying for it.
Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.
Time is never your friend but make good use out that bish, the snitch; only time will tell
In time you'll find me... In time your relise I'm for you... In time you'll stop being such a child... (wait your a boy) In time you'll find love again... In time you'll think for yourslef... In time you'll see that the things you said I did I never did though... In time you'll see all I did was love you... Be youe friend... And in time you payed me back by throwing it in my face... So in time I'll show you...
It exists hidden in one's thought.
L’espace et le temps n’existent pour l’homme que de la façon qu’il les remplit et qu’aucun univers n’est immense pour lui, il suffit de tracer un chemin et de traverser tous les obstacles, et si jamais on n’est plus là c’est qu’un autre temps un autre espace existent ailleurs.
Your time is as valuable as the dream you carry.
If you value your dream, you will value your time. And if you value your time, you will not waste it. Every minute is precious.
To jump over centuries in one step is impossible. Jump too high or far, you’ll be way too late.
Although all days are equally long regardless of the season, some days are long not only seasonally but by rewards they offer.
Time is money only if seeds of painful efforts are sown in the fertile land of time.~Anuj Somany
We can create rebuild everthing (strength stamina health wealth…) but not time so don’t waste it.
For everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.
Time is the greatest thief in life.

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