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The other day I was out... Out to the world, what does that mean?... Walking... Walking where? Walking to the other day... The other day you didn't hurt me... Should I do those things I said I would do? Maybe the other day was different... But now the other day seems so far away... what was it 5 weeks together, what a month and 1 week... The other day I saw you... You ignored me nothing new... The other day i saw your brother... He glared down at me like I was nothing... The other day I thought YOU LOVED ME! I guess I was soooo wrong... The other day you proved me so right... The other day you was hurting me... When you said it was me hurting you... The other day you killed me with your brother... The other day you forgot me... Like I always knew... But... Then... The other day you thought about me, what you thought about me, what I was like when I was here... I was like when I was here... All seemes so stupid now... Can't take it back you murdered me... Well that was the other day you can't change THE OTHER DAY!

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