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Silence is the most perfect expression of scorn.

His enemies might have said before that he talked rather too much; but now he has occasional flashes of silence, that make his conversation perfectly delightful.
He had occasional flashes of silence that made his conversation perfectly delightful.
Let a fool hold his tongue and he will pass for a sage.
I have been breaking silence these twenty-three years and have hardly made a rent in it.
Those that are silent profess consent.
I don't know whether to keep silent and let people think I am ignorant or open my mouth and release all doubts.
I went down with the ship but I kept my mouth shut so I didn't drown like the rest of them.
Keep your mouth closed until your mind is in gear.
Silence is never more golden than when you hold it long enough to get all the facts before you speak.
Sometimes silence is not golden -- just yellow.
There's nothing wrong with having nothing to say -- unless you insist on saying it.
You are a slave to what you do say, a master of what you don't say.
The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence; not in silence, but restraint.
He knew the precise psychological moment when to say nothing.
I have often repented speaking, but never of holding my tongue.
Silence is the sanctuary of the prudent, it conceals not only secrets but also imperfections.
It is easy to see the glow but hard to recognize the awakening of silence.
Beyond all vanities, fights, and desires, omnipotent silence lies.
In every sound, the hidden silence sleeps.
In an endless silence even screams sound silent.
A word into the silence thrown always finds its echo somewhere where silence opens hidden lexicons.
Since nothing is absolute, there is no absolute silence, only an appearance of temporary peace.
Since there is no real silence, silence will contain all the sounds, all the words, all the languages, all knowledge, all memory.
Silence is a power only in the hands of enlightened minds, but weakness in the mind of helpless hands."~Anuj Somany
Listen to the rain and find the silence

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