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We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.

Today before you doubt yourself and fill your hearts with fear and worries Remember...... You're beautiful, You're magnificent, You yourself is enough, You have more to offer than you believe, You are the reason someone smiled today, You are the conscious universe itself expressing it's beauty through the subconscious connection to the whole in your own unique way, Most importantly you are a beacon of hope and unconditional love So remember before you say I can't or I never get what I want Stop for a moment and remember you how truly phenomenal you really are with humility and integrity begin
Be proud of yourself for the battles you have faced and come out stronger Even though you may of had support ultimately you faced them alone
What your calling out for if you stopped to listen it's calling out for you too
I burnish bright the mirror of my heart until at last, reflected for my rapture, the Self's eternal beauty appears.