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Humanity is the crime, God is the criminal.

Politics is chiefly a function of culture, at the heart of culture is morality, and at the heart of morality is religion.
Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to the garage makes you a car.
Religion is not so much a vehicle to God, as it is a buffer against the harshness of the brilliance of the purity of God.
All world-religions are the mirror of the One Face. In them shines the One Light.
And, while with silent, lifting mind I've trod the high untrespassed sanctity if space, put out my hand and touched the face of God.
Science is the true religion. Reason is the only GOD!
God tells every religion that it is His favorite.
Information collect on the subject of religion is worthless. Religion is, to the very end, something that you must verify for yourself through actual practice.
Your daily life is your temple and religion.

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