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A play should give you something to think about. When I see a play and understand it the first time, then I know it can't be much good.

If all the year were playing holidays, To sport would be as tedious as to work; But when they seldom come, they wish'd for come, And nothing pleaseth but rare accidents.
If there is a species which is more maltreated than children, then it must be their toys, which they handle in an incredibly off-hand manner. Toys are thus the end point in that long chain in which all the conditions of despotic high-handedness are in play which enchain beings one to another, from one species to another --cruel divinities to their sacrificial victims, from masters to slaves, from adults to children, and from children to their objects.
The true object of all human life is play. Earth is a task garden; heaven is a playground.
I'll play with it first and tell you what it is later.
The New York playgoer is a child of nature, and he has an honest and wholesome regard of whatever is atrocious in art.
It is the child in man that is the source of his uniqueness and creativeness, and the playground is the optimal milieu for the unfolding of his capacities and talents.
The number of people that will not go to a show they don't want to see is unlimited.
One can play comedy, two are required for melodrama, but a tragedy demands three.
Play needs direction as well as work.
Life isn't all beer and skittles, but beer and skittles, or something better of the same sort, must form a good part of every Englishman's education.
Playing Shakespeare is really tiring. You never get to sit down, unless you're the king.
Life must be filled up, and the man who is not capable of intellectual pleasures must content himself with such as his senses can afford.
Man only plays when in the full meaning of the word he is a man, and he is only completely a man when he plays.
The last act crowns the play.
My method is to take the utmost trouble to find the right thing to say, and then to say it with the utmost levity.
In order to fully realize how bad a popular play can be, it is necessary to see it twice.
A stereotyped but unconscious despair is concealed even under what are called the games and amusements of mankind.
The world is a stage, but the play is badly cast.
The play was a great success, but the audience was a disaster.
Many plays, are like blank checks. The actors and directors put their own signatures on them.
A play visibly represents pure existing.

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