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I know no subject more elevating, more amazing, more ready to the poetical enthusiasm, the philosophical reflection, and the moral sentiment than the works of nature. Where can we meet such variety, such beauty, such magnificence?

We can never have enough of nature. We must be refreshed by the sight of inexhaustible vigor, vast and titanic features, the sea-coast with its wrecks, the wilderness with its living and its decaying trees, the thunder-cloud, and the rain which lasts three weeks and produces freshets. We need to witness our own limits transgressed, and some life pasturing freely where we never wander.
However much you knock at nature's door, she will never answer you in comprehensible words.
Our task is not to rediscover nature but to remake it.
The law cannot equalize mankind in spite of nature.
I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.
After you have exhausted what there is in business, politics, conviviality, and so on -- have found that none of these finally satisfy, or permanently wear -- what remains? Nature remains.
She seemed a thing that could not feel the touch of earthly years.
For I have learned to look on nature, not as in the hour of thoughtless youth, but hearing oftentimes the still, sad music of humanity.
Really I don't like human nature unless all candied over with art.
It is a pleasure to give advice, humiliating to need it, normal to ignore it.
There is nothing that can be changed more completely than human nature when the job is taken in hand early enough.
My nature is subdued to what it works in, like the dyer's hand.
Human nature is not of itself vicious.
I have never, in all my various travels, seen but two sorts of people I mean men and women, who always have been, and ever will be, the same. The same vices and the same follies have been the fruit of all ages, though sometimes under different names.
What is called an acute knowledge of human nature is mostly nothing but the observer's own weaknesses reflected back from others.
Man has demonstrated that he is master of everything -- except his own nature.
The man of power is ruined by power, the man of money by money, the submissive man by subservience, the pleasure seeker by pleasure.
Poor human nature, what horrible crimes have been committed in thy name!
It is not human nature we should accuse but the despicable conventions that pervert it.
The principle that human nature, in its psychological aspects, is nothing more than a product of history and given social relations removes all barriers to coercion and manipulation by the powerful.
Nature, by its very nature, is very brutal and unequal. However, Man has somehow managed to transform the nature of its brutality and inequality.
Man kind is the master piece of this world of perfection.
Between you and this world there is only room for greatness.
When Nature has work to be done, she creates a genius to do it.
When you have poison oak you love nature a little less.
Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life.
Hope to see a better human nature on earth.

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