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Spain: A whale stranded upon the coast of Europe.

I don't even know what street Canada is on.
If it were not for the government, we should have nothing to laugh at in France.
China has no income tax, no unemployment and not a single soldier outside its borders.
Be England what she will, with all her faults she is my country still.
The soil of their native land is dear to all the hearts of mankind.
I do not call the sod under my feet my country; but language -- religion -- government -- blood -- identity in these makes men of one country.
There's always something fishy about the French.
God made the country and man made the town.
Nations have always good reasons for being what they are, and the best of all is that they cannot be otherwise.
The wealth and prosperity of the country are only the comeliness of the body, the fullness of the flesh and fat; but the spirit is independent of them; it requires only muscle, bone and nerve for the true exercise of its functions. We cannot lose our liberty, because we cannot cease to think.
Great countries are those that produce great people.
Nationality is the miracle of political independence; race is the principle of physical analogy.
Canada has never been a melting pot; more like a tossed salad.
In the true sense one's native land, with its background of tradition, early impressions, reminiscences and other things dear to one, is not enough to make sensitive human beings feel at home.
If nations always moved from one set of furnished rooms to another -- and always into a better set -- things might be easier, but the trouble is that there is no one to prepare the new rooms. The future is worse than the ocean -- there is nothing there. It will be what men and circumstances make it.
Nations without a past are contradictions in terms. What makes a nation is the past, what justifies one nation against others is the past, and historians are the people who produce it.
Men may be linked in friendship. Nations are linked only by interests.
The only thing chicken about Israel is their soup.
The trees in Siberia are miles apart, that is why the dogs are so fast. [About Russia]
Nations, like stars, are entitled to eclipse. All is well, provided the light returns and the eclipse does not become endless night. Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light is the same as the survival of the soul.
The history of any nation follows an undulatory course. In the trough of the wave we find more or less complete anarchy; but the crest is not more or less complete Utopia, but only, at best, a tolerably humane, partially free and fairly just society that invariably carries within itself the seeds of its own decadence.
A nation is the same people living in the same place.
A people always ends by resembling its shadow.
God how I hate new countries: They are older than the old, more sophisticated, much more conceited, only young in a certain puerile vanity more like senility than anything.
The great nations have always acted like gangsters, and the small nations like prostitutes.
States that rise quickly, just as all the other things of nature that are born and grow rapidly, cannot have roots and ramifications; the first bad weather kills them.
The country has charms only for those not obliged to stay there.
The policy of Russia is changeless. Its methods, its tactics, its maneuvers may change, but the polar star of its policy, world domination, is a fixed star. [About Russia]
A Country is not a mere territory; the particular territory is only its foundation. The Country is the idea which rises upon that foundation; it is the sentiment of love, the sense of fellowship which binds together all the sons of that territory.
Methinks I see in my mind a noble and puissant nation rousing herself like a strong man after sleep, and shaking her invincible locks. Methinks I see her as an eagle mewing her mighty youth, and kindling her undazzled eyes at the full midday beam.
Frenchmen have an unlimited capacity for gallantry and indulge it on every occasion.
States are as the men, they grow out of human characters.
There is always something new out of Africa.
It is equality of monotony which makes the strength of the British Isles.
If there be no nobility of descent in a nation, all the more indispensable is it that there should be nobility of ascent -- a character in them that bear rule, so fine and high and pure, that as men come within the circle of its influence, they involuntarily pay homage to that which is the one pre-eminent distinction, the Royalty of Virtue.
Most nations, as well as people are impossible only in their youth; they become incorrigible as they grow older.
The strength and power of a country depends absolutely on the quantity of good men and women in it.
National character is only another name for the particular form which the littleness, perversity and baseness of mankind take in every country. Every nation mocks at other nations, and all are right.

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