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Not everyone has the title to love or be loved. If you can love and be loved, be sure to love with all your soul.

Such two speeches cannot wait : I LOVE YOU and I AM SORRY. Elsewise, you may live with regrets to the end.
The infatuation love is caused the entire life with regrets.
There is only one greatest treasure at this moment, this time, this life....... TO LOVE AND BE LOVED.
Smile, you'll find a reason later.
it's hard to be far, but the most hardest is when you are closely but you can't get too close....
Pain and heartbreak are the only assurances love brings to our lives. When you love someone, your heart is guaranteed to be broken, your mind will lose itself, and you will do things you never thought you would do. So why do we fall so deeply, utterly and helplessly in love? Because the pain of the heartbreak reminds us that we are alive, and that we can FEEL something for someone other than ourselves. Because we crave to be desired by someone else, and it's the fools hope, that we will be happy again within our hearts. So live your life, love openly, Andre happy, both inside and out. Because tomorrow guarantees no promises, and the one you love, may be gone in an instant. So chance the broken heart, and live for today, because tomorrow may never come.
Those who dislike animals (and more specifically those who never had a pet) will never understand the complete joy a pet brings to a soul, and, the pet-less person will never truly understand the meaning of unconditional love.

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