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A weird fact of life is that a happy moment can make you smile few times but a sad moment can make you cry again and again.

Life is a mouse trap, you are the mouse and love is the cheese, do not touch the cheese or else SNAP!!
Life is like walking on a rope, the stick in your hand hold your personal life and professional life on each end. Balance gone and aarrhhhh!!!
The most SUCCESSFUL prayers are those ,which are done by our Loved Ones for us.
Don't EXPECT, just ACCEPT.. thats "LIFE".
May the pain from the past be the fuel for the future.
Life creates value when we start doing something for someone.
I still remember the days you were here with me. We were so happy I didn't think it would ever end but now you're gone and you left me here all by myself. You moved on and forgot about me but I'm still here holding on to our memories, hoping someday you'll come back. I know eventually I'll have to move on and forget about you like you forgot about me but I just cant move on because I'm still in love with you.
To tell you the truth I really don't know why I just randomly smile when you're around. You're just standing there and I just cant stop smiling. Seeing you just once a day makes my day. I guess I'm just in love with you.
You did something to me, I don't know what it was but I do know that I don't want to lose you. You always keep a smile upon my face and I can act like myself because you accept me. You mean so much to me, the way you make me feel is just unexplainable. This is the happiest I've been in a awhile and I have to thank you for that. You just make it so easy to fall for you and believe me, I'm falling harder with each passing day.
Sometimes you just have to fight the tears, keep smiling and say everything will be okay.
The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each others' life.
Life is your perceived reality.
How can you effectively fight stupidity? The answer is simple: it’s not easy. Carl William Brown
Success is not a journey, it's a destination called satisfaction.
Don't think about making life better for other people who don't even deserve you, rather, focus on making your life the best, for yourself and those who love you.
Life is not Hate and ignorance, Life is Love and Companionship.
LIFE IS LIKE A JOURNEY No matter how fast you drive, the traffic jam will make you wait for those you left. No matter how fast you drive, the traffic police will make you wait for those you left. No matter how fast you drive, the traffic lights will make you wait for those you left. No matter how fast or slow you drive, the accident will always happen accidentally, otherwise it won’t be called an accident.
When people get's pisst just because you told the truth. Look at them and say. At least I told it. proved it and showed it. and walk away. -Natsumi Katou
Even if jobless we should never be effortless. Dr Kenan Crnkic
Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act.
If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard. But if you’re willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy.
Life is about figuring out who you are; it is about accepting who you are; and then allowing that in you to blossom.
live like it's the last day you'll ever see
Music, fashion & currency is the paint to life's portrait, but your originality is what makes it distinct.
Be thankful for what you have; youll end having more. If you concentrate on what you dont have, you will never, ever have enough
If you hate your life, change your way of living, suicide should not be committed.
Life is never been easy, otherwise you will never treasure for what you have.
Life is like a crystal ball of fortune. When it falls into pieces, the people try to grab it. Someone grabs it more. Someone grabs less. Someone grabs none. And how have you grabbed yet ?
Self-realization is possible in the human form of life, but not in other forms.
Life is not a race, it is a gift. Enjoy it, don't rush through it.
Tell your heart that fear of suffering is worst than the suffering itself
All beings are not only the parents in the past. They will become the Buddha in the future. If you free their lives, you are Buddha.
Besides the respect of the lives of human beings, all the animals and plants should be on the list too. That is the real humanitarianism.
Besides the respect of the lives of human beings, all the animals and plants should be on the list too. That is the real humanitarianism.
Buddha is in our hearts. Buddha is in our mouths. Buddha is in our daily lives.
Care about your children. Just bless them instead of worrying, as every child is the little Buddha who helps his parents to grow up.
Giving the best to others are giving the best to ourselves. The value of life is not based on how long we live. But, how much can we contribute to others in our society ?
Give the people --- confidence. Give the people --- delight. Give the people --- hope. Give the people --- the best.

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