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Happiness consists more in small conveniences of pleasures that occur every day, than in great pieces of good fortune that happen but seldom to a man in the course of his life.

It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.
Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.
Happiness is a journey not a destination.
Happiness is not a horse, you cannot harness it.
Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.
Whoever is happy will make others happy too.
One of the indictments of civilizations is that happiness and intelligence are so rarely found in the same person.
To fill the hour -- that is happiness.
Happiness is like a cat, If you try to coax it or call it, it will avoid you; it will never come. But if you pay not attention to it and go about your business, you'll find it rubbing against your legs and jumping into your lap.
The secret of Happiness is Freedom, and the secret of Freedom, Courage.
Happiness is not best achieved by those who seek it directly.
It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.
The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; The wise grows it under his feet.
We are more interested in making others believe we are happy than in trying to be happy ourselves.
Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed. which give happiness. Thomas Jefferson We never enjoy perfect happiness; our most fortunate successes are mingled with sadness; some anxieties always perplex the reality of our satisfaction.
I can sympathize with people's pains, but not with their pleasures. There is something curiously boring about somebody else's happiness.
Happiness... is not a destination: it is a manner of traveling. Happiness is not an end in itself. It is a by-product of working, playing, loving and living.
There are two ways of being happy: We must either diminish our wants or augment our means -- either may do -- the result is the same and it is for each man to decide for himself and to do that which happens to be easier.
When what we are is what we want to be, that's happiness.
Happiness is a perfume which you cannot pour on someone without getting some on yourself.
The greatest happiness is to know the source of unhappiness.
If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.
All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse, and a good wife.
Not only is there a right to be happy, there is a duty to be happy. So much sadness exists in the world that we are all under obligation to contribute as much joy as lies within our powers.
Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that but simply growth, We are happy when we are growing.
Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness.
The good life, as I conceive it, is a happy life. I do not mean that if you are good you will be happy; I mean that if you are happy you will be good.
Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.
Success is getting and achieving what you want. Happiness is wanting and being content with what you get.
Realize that true happiness lies within you. Waste no time and effort searching for peace and contentment and joy in the world outside. Remember that there is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving. Reach out. Share. Smile. Hug. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.
We are no longer happy as soon as we wish to be happier.
True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in the worth and choice.
Those who seek happiness miss it, and those who discuss it, lack it.
Happiness does not lie in happiness, but in the achievement of it.
Happiness is a hard thing because it is achieved only by making others happy.
Happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness.
Happiness is an agreeable sensation, arising from contemplating the misery of others.
When one is happy there is no time to be fatigued; being happy engrosses the whole attention.