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A friend is someone you can be alone with and have nothing to do and not be able to think of anything to say and be comfortable in the silence.

The world is round so that friendship may encircle it.
I have always laid it down as a maxim --and found it justified by experience --that a man and a woman make far better friendships than can exist between two of the same sex --but then with the condition that they never have made or are to make love to each other.
If we would build on a sure foundation in friendship, we must love friends for their sake rather than for our own.
A friend loveth at all times. [Proverbs 17:17]
Friendship is one mind in two bodies.
Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil.
There is a scarcity of friendship, but not of friends.
I didn't find my friends; the good Lord gave them to me.
The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.
A friend is one to whom one may pour out all the contents of one's heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.
True friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.
Friends are proved by adversity.
A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil -- but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small silly presents every so often -- just to save it from drying out completely
Friendships are fragile things and require as much care in handling as any other fragile and precious thing.
It is well, when judging a friend, to remember that he is judging you with the same godlike and superior impartiality.
True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity, before it is entitled to the appellation.
Friendship is a comforting smile, A familiar voice that warms the heart, and the freedom to be the person God intended.
It is not what you give your friend, but what you are willing to give him that determines the quality of friendship.
Many a time from a bad beginning great friendships have sprung up.
The ideal friendship is to feel as one while remaining two.
Be slow in choosing a friend, but slower in changing him.
Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.
There are no rules for friendship. It must be left to itself. We cannot force it any more than love.
Your friend is your needs answered.
My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.
... I remember you and recall you without effort, without exercise of will; that is, by natural impulse, indicated by a sense of duty, or of obligation. And that, I take it, is the only sort of remembering worth the having. When we think of friends, and call their faces out of the shadows, and their voices out of the echoes that faint along the corridors of memory, and do it without knowing why save that we love to do it, we content ourselves that friendship is a Reality, and not a Fancy -- that it is built upon a rock, and not upon the sands that dissolve away with the ebbing tides and carry their monuments with them.
Of all things which wisdom provides to make life entirely happy, much the greatest is the possession of friendship.
A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself.
A friend is, as it were, a second self.
I have three kinds of friends: those who love me, those who pay no attention to me, and those who detest me.
Friendship without self-interest is one of the rare and beautiful things of life.
A puppy plays with every pup he meets, but an old dog has few associates.
Faithful are the wounds of a friend.
From quiet homes and first beginning, out to the undiscovered ends, there's nothing worth the wear of winning, but laughter and the love of friends.
Between friends differences in taste or opinion are irritating in direct proportion to their triviality.
What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.
Friendship is like vitamins, we supplement each other's minimum daily requirements
Precious gifts of friendship... knowing the heart of another, sharing one's heart with another.
Hopes are planted in friendship's garden where dreams blossom into priceless treasures.