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If fame is to come only after death, I am in no hurry for it.

I do not like the man who squanders life for fame; give me the man who living makes a name.
May the countryside and the gliding valley streams content me. Lost to fame, let me love river and woodland.
I had it all and blew it.
Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime. And, departing, leave behind us footprints on the sands of time.
Some people obtain fame, others deserve it.
Fame comes only when deserved, and then is as inevitable as destiny, for it is destiny.
Throughout my life, I have seen narrow-shouldered men, without a single exception, committing innumerable stupid acts, brutalizing their fellows and perverting souls by all means. They call the motive for their actions fame.
The fame of great men ought to be judged always by the means they used to acquire it.
It is a wretched thing to live on the fame of others.
To get a name can happen but to few; it is one of the few things that cannot be brought. It is the free gift of mankind, which must be deserved before it will be granted, and is at last unwillingly bestowed.
He that pursues fame with just claims, trusts his happiness to the winds; but he that endeavors after it by false merit, has to fear, not only the violence of the storm, but the leaks of his vessel.
Once you become famous, there is nothing left to become but infamous.
How vain, without the merit, is the name.
Fame usually comes to those who are thinking about something else.
It is a mark of many famous people that they cannot part with their brightest hour.
Fame is the inheritance not of the dead, but of the living. It is we who look back with lofty pride to the great names of antiquity.
The love of fame is almost another name for the love of excellence; or it is the ambition to attain the highest excellence, sanctioned by the highest authority, that of time.
There are names written in her immortal scroll at which Fame blushes!
If you modestly enjoy your fame you are not unworthy to rank with the holy.
Wood burns because it has the proper stuff in it; and a man becomes famous because he has the proper stuff in him.
What life half gives a man, posterity gives entirely.
Fame is the echo of actions, resounding them to the world, save that the echo repeats only the last art, but fame relates all, and often more than all.
I was the only one there I never heard of.
What is popularly called fame is nothing but an empty name and a legacy from paganism.
There has never been a statue erected to the memory of someone who let well enough alone.
Fame and power are the objects of all men. Even their partial fruition is gained by very few; and that, too, at the expense of social pleasure, health, conscience, life.
Fame is like a shaved pig with a greased tail, and it is only after it has slipped through the hands of some thousands, that some fellow, by mere chance, holds on to it!
Of present fame think little, and of future less; the praises that we receive after we are buried, like the flowers that are strewed over our grave, may be gratifying to the living, but they are nothing to the dead.
Acquaintance lessens fame.
To want fame is to prefer dying scorned than forgotten.
Glory follows virtue as if it were its shadow.
True glory takes root, and even spreads; all false pretences, like flowers, fall to the ground; nor can any counterfeit last long.
The present condition of fame is merely fashion.
Celebrity is the advantage of being known to people who we don't know, and who don't know us.
Let us not disdain glory too much; nothing is finer, except virtue. The height of happiness would be to unite both in this life.
It often happens that those of whom we speak least on earth are best known in heaven.
Fame, we may understand, is no sure test of merit, but only a probability of such; it is an accident, not a property of man.
Fame is only good for one thing-they will cash your check in a small town.
To many fame comes too late.

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