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The person who knows one thing and does it better than anyone else, even if it only be the art of raising lentils, receives the crown he merits. If he raises all his energy to that end, he is a benefactor of mankind and its rewarded as such.

Today, and every day, deliver more than you are getting paid to do. The victory of success will be half won when you learn the secret of putting out more than is expected in all that you do. Make yourself so valuable in your work that eventually you will become indispensable. Exercise your privilege to go the extra mile, and enjoy all the rewards you receive. You deserve them!
It isn't by size that you win or fail -- be the best of whatever you are.
When we have done our best, we should wait the result in peace.
The excellency of every art is its intensity, capable of making all disagreeable evaporate.
The kind of people I look for to fill top management spots are the eager beavers, the mavericks. These are the guys who try to do more than they're expected to do -- they always reach.
You have to create a track record of breaking your own mold, or at least other people's idea of that mold.
Badness you can get easily, in quantity; the road is smooth, and it lies close by, But in front of excellence the immortal gods have put sweat, and long and steer is the way to it.
There is no top. There are always further heights to reach.
One shining quality lends a luster to another, or hides some glaring defect.
Much good work is lost for the lack of a little more.
There is none who cannot teach somebody something, and there is none so excellent but he is excelled.
You're probably not a member of a major league baseball team, your errors, unless they are truly spectacular, don't show up in the morning paper.
To aim at excellence, our reputation, and friends, and all must be ventured; to aim at the average we run no risk and provide little service.
We distinguish the excellent man from the common man by saying that the former is the one who makes great demands on himself, and the latter who makes no demands on himself.
The fact is, the difference between peak performers and everybody else are much smaller than everybody else thinks.
The idea for which this nation stands will not survive if the highest goal free man can set themselves is an amiable mediocrity. Excellence implies striving for the highest standards in every phase of life.
If something is exceptionally well done it has embedded in it's very existence the aim of lifting the common denominator rather than catering to it.
I use nothing but the best ingredients. My cookies are always baked fresh. I price cookies so that you cannot make them at home for any less. And I still give cookies away.
He who has put a good finish to his undertaking is said to have placed a golden crown to the whole.
I start where the last man left off.
It is a wretched taste to be gratified with mediocrity when the excellent lies before us.
From time to time there appear on the face of the earth men of rare and consummate excellence, who dazzle us by their virtue, and whose outstanding qualities shed a stupendous light. Like those extraordinary stars of whose origins we are ignorant, and of whose fate, once they have vanished, we know even less, such men have neither forebears nor descendants: they are the whole of their race.
All you owe the public is a good performance.
It is not from ourselves that we learn to be better than we are.
Resolve to make each day the very best and don't let anyone get in your way. If they do, step on them.
Doing what is expected is boring. Go beyond mediocre and aim toward excellence!
Success is like a bewitching woman with no character and known for her infidelity. Anyone paying the right price for it can have in his life. But an excellence is unlike success and to crave for or attain it, the person has to have the right human values and high good character in his life.

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