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There are only two ways to get a new customer: 1. solicit a new customer any way you can. 2. Take good care of your present customers, so they don't become someone else's new customers.

Revolve your world around the customer and more customers will revolve around you.
Doing a great job and not meeting the customer's objectives is as useless as doing a poor job within the customer's objectives.
If you're not serving the customer, you'd better be serving someone who is.
Sacred cows make the best hamburger.
I don't build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build.
A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.
Worry about being better; bigger will take care of itself. Think one customer at a time and take care of each one the best way you can.
The customer is our reason for being here.
To my customer: I may not have the answer, but I'll find it. I may not have the time, but I'll make it. I may not be the biggest, but I'll be the most committed to your success.
Motivate them, train them, care about them and make winners out of them...we know that if we treat our employees correctly, they'll treat the customers right. And if customers are treated right, they'll come back.
Consumers are statistics. Customers are people.
The customer is the final inspector.
It is not enough to give the customer excellent service. You must subtly make him aware of the great service he is getting.
Your customers will get better when you do.
If we don't take care of the customer... somebody else will.
When handling a customers complaint, remember: If you can't fix it, don't drop it.
The only way to know how customers see your business is to look at it through their eyes.
Be it furniture, clothes, or health care, many industries today are marketing nothing more than commodities -- no more, no less. What will make the difference in the long run is the care and feeding of customers.
Always think of your customers as suppliers first. Work closely with them, so they can supply you with the information you need to supply them with the right products and services.
Treat your customers like lifetime partners.
A customer who complains is my best friend.
Every company's greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company.
Everything starts with the customer.
If you love your customer to death, you can't go wrong.
The 1990s customer expects service to be characterized by fast and efficient computer-based systems.
If you don't care, your customer never will.
Look through your customer's eyes. Are you the solution provider or part of the problem?
Above all, we wish to avoid having a dissatisfied customer. We consider our customers a part of our organization, and we want them to feel free to make any criticism they see fit in regard to our merchandise or service. Sell practical, tested merchandise at reasonable profit, treat your customers like human beings -- and they will always come back.
We don't want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what they want.
Retained Customers are appreciating assets

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