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To speak kindly does not hurt the tongue.

To succeed in the world it is not enough to be stupid, you must also be well-mannered.
If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers, it shows he is a citizen of the world.
Really big people are, above everything else, courteous, considerate and generous -- not just to some people in some circumstances -- but to everyone all the time.
Politeness is the art of choosing among one's real thoughts.
He who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.
Intelligence and courtesy not always are combined; Often in a wooden house a golden room we find.
The measure of a truly great man is the courtesy with which he treats lesser men.
Life is short, but there is always time for courtesy.
It is wise to apply the oil of refined politeness to the mechanism of friendship.
Nothing is ever lost by courtesy. It is the cheapest of the pleasures; costs nothing and conveys much. It pleases him who gives and ;him who receives, and thus, like mercy, it is twice blessed.
His courtesy was somewhat extravagant. He would write and thank people who wrote to thank him for wedding presents and when he encountered anyone as punctilious as himself the correspondence ended only with death.
Courtesy should be a continuous action, not something to be turned on and off like a faucet.
Men, like bullets, go farthest when they are smoothest.
True politeness consists in being easy one's self, and in making every one about one as easy as one can.
There can be no defense like elaborate courtesy.
Politeness is the slow poison of collaboration.
There is a courtesy of the heart; it is allied to love. From its springs the purest courtesy in the outward behavior.
It is better to have too much courtesy than too little, provided you are not equally courteous to all, for that would be injustice.
Courtesy Life be not so short but that there is always time for courtesy.
We must be as courteous to a man as we are to a picture, which we are willing to give the advantage of a good light.
The small courtesies sweeten life; the greater ennoble it.
Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart.
Complement your life with beautiful smiles. It looks very becoming on you.

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