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I don't drink any more than the man next to me, and the man next to me is Dean Martin.

There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man, by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern.
The sway of alcohol over mankind is unquestionably due to its power to stimulate the mystical faculties of human nature, usually crushed to earth by the cold facts and dry criticisms of the sober hour. Sobriety diminishes, discriminates, and says no; drunkenness expands, unites, and says yes.
If merely feeling good could decide, drunkenness would be the supremely valid human experience.
You can't trust water: Even a straight stick turns crooked in it.
Wine is a turncoat; first a friend and then an enemy.
He is a drunkard who takes more than three glasses though he be not drunk.
Bring in the bottled lightning, a clean tumbler, and a corkscrew.
Never accept a drink from a Urologist.
One reason I don't drink is that I want to know when I am having a good time.
An alcoholic has been lightly defined as a man who drinks more than his own doctor.
I made a commitment to completely cut out drinking and anything that might hamper me from getting my mind and body together. And the floodgates of goodness have opened upon me-spiritually and financially.
The piano has been drinking, not me.
No power on earth or above the bottomless pit has such influence to terrorize and make cowards of men as the liquor power. Satan could not have fallen on a more potent instrument with which to thrall the world. Alcohol is king!
At the punch-bowl's brink, let the thirsty think, what they say in Japan: first the man takes a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes the man!
They make much of our drinking, but never think of our thirst.
I do not live in the world of sobriety.
Where does one not find that bland degeneration which beer produces in the spirit!
Candy, is dandy, but Liquor, is quicker.
A prohibitionist is the sort of man one couldn't care to drink with, even if he drank.
I'd hate to be a teetotaler. Imagine getting up in the morning and knowing that's as good as you're going to feel all day.
It pays to get drunk with the best people.
A man is never drunk if he can lay on the floor without holding on.
I like whiskey. I always did, and that is why I never drink it.
Even though a number of people have tried, no one has ever found a way to drink for a living.
Drink not the third glass, which thou canst not tame, when once it is within thee.
The cost of living has gone up another dollar a quart.
There is this to be said in favor of drinking, that it takes the drunkard first out of society, then out of the world.
When a woman drinks it's as if an animal were drinking, or a child. Alcoholism is scandalous in a woman, and a female alcoholic is rare, a serious matter. It's a slur on the divine in our nature.
Alcohol is like love. The first kiss is magic, the second is intimate, the third is routine. After that you take the girl's clothes off.
It is immoral to get drunk because the headache comes after the drinking, but if the headache came first and the drunkenness afterwards, it would be moral to get drunk.
The whole world is about three drinks behind.
The worst thing about some men is that when they are not drunk they are sober.
And must I wholly banish hence these red and golden juices, and pay my vows to Abstinence, that pallidest of Muses?
The hangover became a part of the day as well allowed-for as the Spanish siesta.
Many a woman drives a man to drink water.
It takes that je ne sais quoi which we call sophistication for a woman to be magnificent in a drawing-room when her faculties have departed but she herself has not yet gone home.
The first glass is for myself, the second for my friends, the third for good humor, and the forth for my enemies.
There are two things that will be believed of any man whatsoever, and one of them is that he has taken to drink.

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