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We are on the other end of our own leash

Time is all around in shrouds of endless goals, fast for happy hearts and slow for tortured souls
If ones' word or promise need be reminded, then they are neither..
You are the only one thinking in your mind..
As a rule, ones' apprehension causes more trauma than the event..
We are born anew within every strangers' eye
If it were not for conflict, we would have no need for dreams
Genuis flows through the most improbable portals
Beyond the limits of our ephemeral vision lies the key to our eternal gifts
Many struggle to maintain their identity lest they disapoint others
As children mature into young adults they slowly realize that the Gods of their youth were merely well intentioned but flawed people.
The intelligence of fear rationalizes cowardice and deceit..
Ones' ego only fools its' architect
The rewards which one accrues for maintaining their facade are neuroses..
The totality of the Universe is within ones' mind..many go out of their minds seeking themselves...
The intelligence of the human cell works over time to heal the body in spite of its' host..
As the rose woos the bee, so do I flow to thee..
What if the speed of light was not the same for everyone?
The world is inhabited by the safety of the collective hunch.. those that question their existence and wonder at the masses' equanimity, need to break the barrier of the murmuring morality and become onto themselves... sacred selfishness is sound!
Charismatic rhetoric is like the effects of a Coxwain upon the rowing team before they plummet over the falls...
Levity is a rarity in this mortal deity
Self absorption and empathy for others are mutually exclusive
Men dutifully furrow the ruts of their past..
Those who think they think eventually become the herd...
The moment that one person can merge with another without the barrier of matter nor ego, then the light of others will enjoin...
Lifes' essence is eternal beauty subdued by the job of living....
Our ego is the environmental center of whatever objective bombardment enters it's sphere.. To separate 'self' from the 'externals' takes a lifetime of angst..

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