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Jennie Garth (born April 3, 1972) is an American actress. Born Jennifer Eve Garth in Urbana, Illinois, she is best known for her role as the beleaguered Kelly Taylor on the television series Beverly Hills 90210. At various points in the series, Garth's character was involved in a love triangle, became a diet pill abuser, was trapped in a fire, became involved in a cult, used cocaine, was date-raped and had a miscarriage. She is now starring in the sitcom What I Like About You. Jennie Garth's story, "I Am Home" was featured in "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul" She is married to actor Peter Facinelli, with whom she has two daughters, Luca Bella (born 1997) and Lola Ray (born 2002).

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Jennie Garth in 1992
Jennie Garth in 1992

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