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Salvador Felip Jacint Dal Domnech (May 11, 1904 January 23, 1989) was an important Catalan Spanish painter, best known for his surrealist works. (His name is also sometimes given as Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dal Domnech, the Spanish rather than Catalan form of his name.) Dal's work is noted for its striking combination of bizarre dreamlike images with excellent draftsmanship and painterly skills influenced by the Renaissance masters. Dal was an artist of great talent and imagination. He had a love of doing unusual things to draw attention to himself, which sometimes irked those who loved his art as much as it annoyed his critics, since his eccentric theatrical manner sometimes overshadowed his artwork in public attention.

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Salvador Dal?? in 1939
Salvador Dal??, June 16, 1934, Paris
Salvador Dal?? and Man Ray, 1934, Paris
Salvador Dal??, November 29, 1939
Salvador Dal?? with ocelot friend, 1965
Dali by Kurtz
Caballo con jinete tropezando. Sculpture by Salvador Dal??
Don Quijote sentado. Sculpture by Salvador Dal??
Elefante c??smico. Escultura by Salvador Dal??
Gala asomada a la ventana. Sculpture by Salvador Dal??
Gala Gradiva. Sculpture by Salvador Dal??
Perseo. Sculpture by Salvador Dal??.
Plaza de Dal?? (
Dal??-museum (Figueres, Spain).
Entrance of Dal??-museum (Figueres, Spain).
Salvador Dalí, June 16, 1934, Paris
Salvador Dalí and Man Ray, 1934, Paris
Salvador Dalí, November 29, 1939
Salvador Dalí with ocelot friend, 1965
Dali by Kurtz
Dalí-museum (Figueres, Spain).

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