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Politics is about power: about who has it, how it is defined, and how it is exercised.

Is a shift from a system leading to chronic wars, social injustice, and ecological imbalance to one of peace, social justice, and ecological balance a realistic possibility?
… one of the most important developments in modern politics has been the unprecedented phenomenon of masses of people organizing, not just against those who violently oppress them, but against the oppression of others—and even against the use of violence itself.
In essence, the search of so many people today for the mystical wisdom of an earlier time is the search for the kind of spirituality characteristic of a partnership rather than a dominator society.
We need to add to the pantheon of a holy family a divine daughter. For only then will we have a model for families in which all members are equally valued and respected.
Children are being given a false picture of what it means to be human. We tell them to be good and kind, nonviolent and giving. But on all sides they see media images and hear and read stories that portray us as bad, cruel, violent, and selfish.
Obviously there is pain in childbirth. But giving birth is also a moment of awe and wonder, a moment when the true miracle of aliveness, and of a woman’s amazing part in that miracle, is suddenly experienced in every cell of one’s body. It is in that sense truly an altered state of consciousness.
At the core of every child is an intact human.

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