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They [men] forgive us—oh! for many things, but not for the absence in us of their own feelings.

He shut his eyes while Sasha [the cat] kept vigil, watching all the invisible signs that hover over sleeping human beings when the light is put out.
She hasn’t had her full ration of kisses-on-the-lips today. She had the quarter-to-twelve one in the Bois, she had the two o’clock one after coffee, she had the half-past-six one in the garden, but she’s missed tonight’s.
Let me not forget that I am the daughter of a woman who bent her head, trembling, over a cactus, her wrinkled face full of ecstasy over the promise of a flower, a woman who herself never ceased to flower, untiringly, during three quarters of a century.
What a nuisance! Why should one have to eat? And what shall we eat this evening?
… that wild, unknown being, the child, who is both bottomless pit and impregnable fortress ….
Instead of marrying “at once,” it sometimes happens that we marry “at last.”
If only her brain worked as well as her jaws!
Give me a dozen such heart-breaks, if that would help me to lose a couple of pounds.
But once I had set out, I was already far on my way.
“What are you thinking about, Bel-Gazou?” // “Nothing, Mother.” // An excellent answer. The same that I invariably gave when I was her age.