Quotes by George Savile, 1st Marquess of Halifax

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Great men have a dark chimerical prospect of retiring, which their circumstances will seldom permit them to execute, till they are forced to it.

When a man cometh by age to bee of no use, the respect given to him is only out of compassion, which is a very slender tenure in this ill natured Age. When a man is no more usefull to the world, the respect given him is a kind of almes; hee must not clayme it.
Those that never were in business have reason to avoid it, because they do not know it. Those that have been in it, have at least as much reason to dislike it, because they do know it.
A vigorous beginning at business carries it very near the end. A wavering at the first setting out invites and calls for a misfortune.
You may love your children without living in the Nursery, and you may have a competent and discreet care of them, without letting it break out upon the company . . .
The Desire of having Children is as much the Effect of Vanity as of Good-nature. We think our Children a Part of ourselves, though as they grow up they might very well undeceive us.
The best foundation of eloquence, is the being master of the subject upon which a man is to speak. That is a root that will furnish sap to a discourse, so that it shall not go dry.

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