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I prefer an accommodating vice / To an obstinate virtue.

He’s a wonderful talker, who has the art of telling you nothing in a great harangue.
There’s nothing quite like tobacco: it’s the passion of decent folk, and whoever lives without tobacco doesn’t deserve to live.
One must eat to live, and not live to eat.
You have but to hold forth in cap and gown, and any gibberish becomes learning, all nonsense passes for sense.
It disturbs me no more to find men base, unjust, or selfish than to see apes mischievous, wolves savage, or the vulture ravenous for its prey.
Allow me, then, Mademoiselle, to place today on the altar of your charms, the offering of my heart, which aspires to and strives after no other glory than for the rest of its life to be, Mademoiselle your very humble, very obedient and very faithful servant and husband.
When a doctor talks to you of aiding, succouring and relieving nature, of taking away from her what is injurious and of giving her what she lacks; of re-establishing her and restoring her to the full exercise of her functions; when he talks to you of purifying the blood, of regulating the bowels and the brain, of reducing the spleen, of strengthening the chest, of renovating the liver, of improving the action of the heart, of re-establishing and preserving natural heat, and being possessed of secrets which will prolong life for many years: he is beguiling you with the romance of physic. But, when you come to learn the truth of things by experience, you find there is nothing in it all, it is like those beautiful dreams which, when you wake, leave you nothing but the regret of having put faith in them.
When a man receives no dowry [other] than that of beauty in his wife, he repents soon after the wedding ceremony is over, and the best-looking woman has but few means of defence against the indifference that soon takes the place of infatuation. I tell you again, these unbalanced raptures, these youthful longings and these transports may give us, at first, a few enjoyable nights, but this kind of happiness is not lasting, and, when our passion cools, disagreeable days follow the pleasant nights.
To make oneself understood is good enough language for me; all your fine sayings don't do me no good.
Gold gives to the plainest a pleasing charm: without it all else is a miserable business.
When I am hungry the least disappointment seizes me and pulls me down, but when I have had a hearty meal I can face the world, and the greatest misfortunes do not matter a snap. Take my advice, drink freely to support yourself against the blows of fortune; twenty glasses of wine round your heart will prevent sorrow entering it.
Certainly nothing gratifies us like. . . applause. But you can't live on applause; praise alone won't pay the rent. We need something a bit more solid; the best hand people can give us is a hand with cash in it.

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