Quotes by George Pettie

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Marrye whyle you are young, that you may see your fruite florish before your selves fade, that you bee not in doubt or dispayre of having children, or in daunger of your lyves in having children, that you may have great tyme to rid a great many of husbandes, that no day may passe without dalliance, that you be not thought unwise in refusing good offers . . .

In this stately state of Matrimonie, there is nothing fearefull, nothing fayned, all things are done faithfully without doubting, truely without doublyng, willingly without constraint, joyfully without complaint.
Many are of the opinion that the vertues of love are very many, and that it is of force to reduce us from savageness to civilnesse, from folly to wit, from covetousnesse to liberalitie, from clownishnesse to courtlinesse, yea from all vice to all vertue. But if the effects therof bee rightly considered, I see not but that wee may more justly say, that the inconveniences of love bee infinite, and that it bringeth us from modesty to impudencie, from learnynge to lewdnesse, from stayed firmnes to staggering fickelnesse, from liberalitie to prodigalitie, from warinesse to wilfulnesse, from good beehaviour to dissolute livinge, from reason to rage, yea, from all goodnesse to all vanitie . . .
But the olde saying is, hast maketh waste, and bargains made in speede, are commonly repented at leisure.

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