Quotes by Sarah Josepha Hale

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“What makes the lamb love Mary so?” / The eager children cry. / “Oh, Mary loves the lamb, you know,” / The teacher did reply.

There is small danger of being starved in our land of plenty; but the danger of being stuffed is imminent.
… the whole process of home-making, housekeeping and cooking, which ever has been woman’s special province, should be looked on as an art and a profession.
There can be no education without leisure, and without leisure education is useless.
We should love our native land were it a sterile rock; but we love it better when to our cultivation it yields an ample increase; and the farmer, instead of sighing for foreign dainties, looks up to heaven, and depends on his own labours; and when they are crowned with a blessing, he thanks God, as tens of thousands throughout our State are doing this day. Let us join our voices with theirs.
Our Thanksgiving Day, becoming the focus, as it were, of the private life and virtues of the people, should be hallowed and exalted, and made the day of generous deeds and innocent enjoyments, of noble aspirations and heavenly hopes.
We need not power or splendor; Wide hall or lordly dome; The good, the true, the tender, These form the wealth of home.

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