Quotes by Elizabeth Ehrlich

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What does spring cleaning and clearing the house of crumbs have to do with freedom and history, anyway? Is it an artificial and self-serving way to attach importance to a housewife's ritual? Is it investing the everyday with spirituality? Do ceremony, excitement, and special food simply serve to lock ritual into a child's mind, securing it for the future? Without the meal and the commotion, the tradition of remembering the Exodus would certainly have died.

Flawed humans though we are, come Yom Kippur we have a moment to turn God's mirror on ourselves, if there is a God. Or it is a moment to think about something larger than everyday life, to contemplate obligations to other people, to regret our failures, to renounce our shallowness. . . . Within all the nattering activity, this day is a silent space.
It was a nice way to remember, to gather those scattered Friday nights of candles strewn over childhood's inconsistent terrain. A token of memory, and also of history, the collective remembrance far beyond memory's reach.