Quotes by Julia Neuberger, Baroness Neuberger

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In Jewish law, a boy becomes an adult, responsible for carrying out the mitzvot (religious commandments) at thirteen years and a day old. A girl reaches the same status, although she has far fewer positive commandments to carry out, traditionally speaking, at twelve years old.

As for the bitter herbs, it may be that they were instituted in order to remind people of the bitterness of the suffering of the Israelites. . . . when I began to give my own Seders with my husband . . . we instituted cutting up a horseradish root into thin slices and giving everyone a taste, to really get the effect of the strength of the herb. To see everyone with tears coursing down their faces, laughing and gasping at the same time, is fun and also makes the point--bitter herbs must be really bitter to experience the suffering at all.

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