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Generally, . . . April Fools' Day is a day when we can lie to our friends and cause them great anxiety, as long as we justify our actions by exclaiming "April fool!''

Passover remains relevant and contemporary, while at the same time a ritual several thousand years old. The sanction of thousands of years of tradition is retained because the ritual form is retained. The content--at least some of it--is flexible and determined by the participants at specific celebrations. Thus, the holy day is still meaningful to younger generations, because it allows for creative input and participation. It breathes.
These year's-end holidays have in them the quality of transition that we find in other festivals of the new year, no matter when they are celebrated. Yom Kippur marks the end of the solemn days and the beginning of the regular days of the new year. The Ten Days, during which the gates of heaven are open, are a time out of time, a period of liminality during which people can shape their destinies, retract vows and right wrongs. In short one can make oneself over for the new year, in a way that recalls, however dimly, the custom of New Year's resolutions.
There was mystery here; there was mystery in the black cats and walking skeletons and living scarecrows that we saw decorating school windows, mystery in the grinning gargoyles and jack-o-lanterns on all the porches. I loved Halloween.

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