Quotes by A. R. Wright

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Among the numerous means employed in celebrating the custom, the following may be mentioned: the loose shoe lace; the something out of your pocket; the empty eggshell inverted in an egg-cup; the envelope enclosing a blank sheet; the pencil with a rubber point; the note for delivery to a false address; the non-existent bus-terminus; . . . the pigeon's milk; the memory powder.

There was . . . a serious and weird feeling, on Hallow E'en night, not felt so much on any other night; witches and evil spirits were believed to be more numerous than usual; fairies were believed to be unusually active; ghosts were supposed to make their appearance on this night; and a full-dress performance of the watch in the church-porch on that night was capable of teaching the watchers that the Angel of Death is sometimes nearer than they imagine.