Quotes by Howard V. Harper

Poor old Valentine, a third century priest who was clubbed and beheaded on February 14th, in the year 270, would certainly be surprised to find himself a lovers' saint.

In Scotland, it was required that a woman who was thinking of taking advantage of the leap year privilege must let her intentions be known by wearing a scarlet flannel petticoat. The edge of the petticoat must be clearly visible in order to give the wary male a sporting chance to get out of the way. This is obviously a man-made rule.
A writer in the London Public Advertiser for March 13, 1769, advanced the idea that Noah started the whole thing. It was, said this writer, on the first day of the Jewish month that corresponds to April that Noah mistakenly sent out the dove from the ark to find out if the waters had gone down. . . . When the dove returned without having found any dry land, Noah thereupon became the first "April Fool."

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