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I have always been intrigued at what went on in the world on my birthdays long before I was born.

I never liked New Year's Day anyway; it has too often felt like a day of foreboding.
It is . . . Mothering Sunday, the florists' commercial delight--a far cry from the ancient practice of visiting a cathedral or the mother church of the diocese.
It seems a pity that the good old phrase "living in sin" is likely to be dropped by the C of E. So many friends, happily living in sin, will feel very ordinary and humdrum when they become merely partners; or, as the Americans say, "an item." Living in sin has always sounded daring and exotic.
Life is very insistent; and it always seems to be so when friends sadly leave us.
I wonder whose after-dinner speeches, in history, have been most dreaded? Socrates went on and on but at least he kept his young fellow diners wide awake by catching them out with trick questions. . . . Of course you don't have to go back almost two thousand years to find people who bang on; they are right with us today.

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