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Companies don't succeed, people do. Companies don't fail, people do. - Nabil N. Jamal

Every day, everywhere we are surrounded by positive things, but will you choose to see them?
Fool me once; fool me twice; but shame on me if you fool me thrice. - Nabil N. Jamal
I don't see you making it to the top; nobody's going to help you get there. You have to do it all on your own. But if you want it so bad, prove me wrong. - Nabil N. Jamal
It is always better to look at a matter positively before ruling negatively on it. - Nabil N. Jamal
Nobody knows exactly what he is capable of until he tries! - Nabil N. Jamal
Relearning from children their need to question and discover can ignite one's creativity and reveal more possibilities. - Nabil N. Jamal
Talk to people about what they want to hear and they'll stay for more. Talk to people about what you want them to hear and they'll soon turn away. - Nabil N. Jamal
The only instance where five purely-negative words have had a highly positive, motivational impact were Winston Churchill's, "Never, Never, Never, Never Give-up." - Nabil N. Jamal
There is no such thing as weak competition, it grows all the time. - Nabil N. Jamal
We cannot force others to behave differently if they disagree with us. But if we change what we are saying or doing, they may respond differently. - Nabil N. Jamal
Whether you dream big or dream small, chances are your dream will come true if you believe in it and really work on it. - Nabil N. Jamal
You cannot advance if you cannot visualize the end from the start. - Nabil N. Jamal
The idea that other perspectives exist may not be obvious to those who are in an emotional state of mind. ~Nabil N. Jamal

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