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Dada J. P. Vaswani is one of India’s greatly beloved and revered spiritual leaders. He is the life-force at the helm of the renowned Sadhu Vaswani Mission, an international, non-profit, social welfare and service organization with its headquarters in Pune, India and active centers all over the world. Born on August 2, 1918, at Hyderabad-Sind, Dada was a brilliant scholar, who turned his back on a promising academic career to devote himself to India’s teeming millions. Not only does Dada express the most profound truths in the simplest terms; but he lives and acts these truths in deeds of everyday life; truly, we may say that his life is his message. He lives his religion and spirituality, bearing witness to his ideals in thought, word and deed, thus offering a tremendous source of inspiration to everyone who meets him, even once in a lifetime.

A fluent, powerful and witty speaker and an inspired writer, Dada is the youngest 94-year old that you can ever meet. His rapport with the youth is truly amazing. He is at home on the world’s most eminent forums, as well as in gatherings of students and young professionals, who find his personal magnetism, humility and aura irresistible. Spiritual leader, educationist, philosopher and mystic, Dada J. P. Vaswani represents the very quintessence of India’s wisdom and universal spirit.

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Without love, the world is like a neglected garden where no flowers bloom.

All world-religions are the mirror of the One Face. In them shines the One Light.

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