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While she was searching for the meaning of self-love, Anthropologist, Master of Political Science, and Master of International Relations, Roxana Jones, embarked on a journey of inner discovery and miraculous healing. Award-Winner and Amazon Best-Selling Author of “While I Was Learning To Become God”, Roxana was born in Cartagena, Colombia, and lives between San Francisco and London. She is currently dedicated to the promotion of her second book The Dead Still Want To Live at the same time that she continues to inspire readers and clients of her new HealThruWords© coaching services on their paths towards a purposeful and abundant life.

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Don’t look for it outside Joy is always in you All you’ve got to do is awaken to it

Your heart can feel through your eyes Allow your eyes to feel Instead of simply letting them see
When the sun goes to sleep It is time to stop thinking It is time to start feeling The reality of your heart Where peace is all there is