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Kenneth Ewart Boulding (January 18, 1910 - March 18, 1993) was an economist, educator, poet, religious mystic, devoted Quaker, systems scientist, and interdisciplinary philosopher. He was born in Liverpool, England, graduated from Oxford University, and granted United States citizenship in 1948. Boulding was a founder of numerous ongoing intellectual projects in economics and social science. Described as "a polymath for all systems", he published over three dozen books and over one-hundred dozen articles. Current Contents found him to be one of those rare authors of a "Citation Classic." Indeed, even more rare, he was the author of two Citation Classics: The Image: Knowledge in Life and Society (1956) and Conflict and Defense: A General Theory (1962). more

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Nothing fails like success because we don't learn from it. We learn only from failure.

As far as many statistical series that are related to activities of mankind are concerned, the date that divides human history into two equal parts is well within living memory. The world of today is as different from the world I was born in as that world was from Julius Caesar s. I was born in the middle of human history, to date, roughly. Almost as much has happened since I was born as happened before.

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