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Leslie Miklosy is the author of two books of original quotations and essays, WHICH IS MORE ROUND, THE WORLD OR YOUR TUMMY?: OFFBEAT REFLECTIONS ON SERIOUS LIVING and MY THOUGHTS PREFER SIDE STREETS: COLLECTED ESSAYS AND OTHER REFLECTIONS. Leslie has been a publications assistant, office administrator, bookstore manager, hotel desk clerk, census worker, and substitute teacher. He enjoys word play and the vain pursuit of answers to life's larger questions.

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Follow the siren's call, and you'll probably end up in the hospital.

Any movement toward solution gathers energy; any movement away from solution depletes energy. Act accordingly.
Ambition's true reward can only be gotten without ambition's trade.
If someone wants to give you something, you shouldn't take that away from them.
Mediocrity wants to be your friend. Be unfriendly.
For some, life is a trip in the daylight; for others, it's a journey through night.
Why look at the underbelly of wonderful?
Fair is not fare, not in this life.
You have to earn your receivership.
God did not like the idea of mistakes, and so He created variety.
If I lose my way, can I take somebody else's?
God is not constrained by the limits of our understanding.
Truth has nutritional value.
Religion is not so much a vehicle to God, as it is a buffer against the harshness of the brilliance of the purity of God.
Who has not gotten lost, sometime or other, in their own subtleties?
Too much belaboring, not enough laboring.
If I had more time to hurry, I could relax faster.
Without engagement, there can be no marriage.
Drama: sexy from the outside; shitty from the inside.
Entertained and distracted by life's sideshows, we master the mundane and become expert in the irrelevant.
Maybe the things you think you want, will not get you the things you think they might have gotten you.
The content of each day pours out, sometimes sunshine, sometimes rain. But the evening's darkness covers all the same.

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