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Patrick Pinckney is author of the book Vision for Life. He's a motivational speaker and a mentor to young men. He's also the pastor of 43rd Generation Ministries located in Lake City, SC.

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The way you feel about people, places, things, and ideas in life will always determine how you interact and involve yourself with them. Your attitude governs your entire life.

Don't make excuses! Create solutions!
A man who appears to be above average is merely an image of what the average man should be.
If you don't do it, it won't get done. And if you don't do it now, you probably won't do it at all. Motivation must defeat procrastination. This is a good time to get started.
Your time is as valuable as the dream you carry.
If you value your dream, you will value your time. And if you value your time, you will not waste it. Every minute is precious.
Every day is a new opportunity. Capture that moment.
Greatness is measured by how much you do for others, not how much you can get others to do for you!

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