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The most awesome thing about being awesome is the aura of awesomeness around you which makes you feel more awesome.

All that is brown is not always chocolate.
Life is all about becoming more and more chocolaty.
Each quote contains an interesting story within itself when read in the right sense.
Life is a game of Blackjack, hit the right choices or you might just get busted, even better just learn to count cards.
A weird fact of life is that a happy moment can make you smile few times but a sad moment can make you cry again and again.
The best way to simplify your life is to believe in black and white only, in the end one realizes that these are the only things which actually matter.
Life is a mouse trap, you are the mouse and love is the cheese, do not touch the cheese or else SNAP!!
Life is like walking on a rope, the stick in your hand hold your personal life and professional life on each end. Balance gone and aarrhhhh!!!

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