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H.H. Asaramji Bapu is a Self realized saint of Indian, and a spiritual icon of 21st Century.
He is endearingly called "Bapuji"

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Bestow mercy and love upon those who try to harm you the most, since they are but your own self.

One naturally becomes happy on being praised and respected. He alone, who can feel the same happiness on being insulted, deserves to accept alms.
Always abide in the self, with the strong faith that fear, sorrow, worry can never affect you.
The world, filled with mistrust and dishonesty, can do no harm to a truthful and righteous aspirant. Never let your inner mental peace be disturbed by external circumstances.
All spiritual philosophy, science, mathematics, poetry and arts spring from your True Self and will continue to do so.
A determined and indomitable will power destroys all troubles; just as strong winds blow away the clouds.
Do not oppose the unpropitious events. Always keep calm and quiet and welcome whatever comes your way, even if it is against your liking. Then you will see that even an unfavourable circumstance has changed into a favourable one.
Do not carry out your work as a coolie; rather work like a prince, considering it to be a source of useful exercise and play. Never start any work with an upset mind.
Before you sit for meditation, become calm and relaxed by surrendering your mind and all external wealth to God or Guru. You will lose nothing by doing this. God will look after your wealth, body, prana and mind. Surrender yourself completely to God, it can never harm you. Rather, your mind and body will feel rejuvenated. You will become a source of peace and bliss for others, thus making your life meaningful and the whole world in turn will benefit from this.
God helps a cheerful and industrious person in every possible manner.
There is no pleasure or state greater than that in which you completely stop thinking about your individual personality.
Remember that even if all the world’s journalists and critics unite together to criticize you, they cannot harm you. O Eternal Atman! Remain established in your True Self.
Completely abandon all egoism, factionalism and envy. Be as tolerant as Mother Earth. The entire world is waiting to surrender at your feet.

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