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Vice President, Reliance Communications Ltd

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Leaders are visible at times of crisis, invisible at times of success.

Leadership is about influence, not about authority.
When you learn, teach. When you get, give. Both will enrich you further
For life or death, Do your Best.
Instead of doing poor work & worry about what people say, do good work & enjoy the admiration from them.
People respect you when you say what they expect from you.
Instead of doing poor work and worry about what people say, do good work and enjoy admiration from people
Happiness is an outcome of what you think and, not what you are and what you have.
A Leader thinks and visualizes the future and makes the people around him believe in it and realizes it with their help.
Don't be contented by doing what you know and can. Real contentment is doing what is required to be done and expected from you by others.
Process that pleases people can't produce quality products. But people who pleases process can.
Happiness is a state of mind. Place where we live, people around us & things we have may not get it, but can take the mind into that state.
Leadership is not a skill. It is about how one thinks and influences others to similar thinking.
Arguments may win the situations, but can't change the opinion of the mind and can't win the hearts.
It is easier to do a job right, than not doing and having to explain why you didn't.
Taking a salary and "not doing the job/escaping from work" deliberately is the worst kind of fraud/corruption.
In case of your kids, don't do what they think is good for them, instead do what you think is good for them.
Character is the mother root of Wisdom.
Worst failure is to stop trying to win.
Discipline is the mother of all trades.