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No matter what you believe in or you believe in nothing. Still, you should put your heart at the right place and have a sense of Justice ! These are the basic principles of human beings

We human are only just as tiny as dust on earth. Life is fragile, helpless and variable sometimes. Still, we have to put our hearts at the right place and have a sense of justice always !
The infatuation love is caused the entire life with regrets.
Life is like a crystal ball of fortune. When it falls into pieces, the people try to grab it. Someone grabs it more. Someone grabs less. Someone grabs none. And how have you grabbed yet ?
When thing happens, it always comes with a reason.
Education may not make a change of your life, it makes you ponder over at least.
A divinely brilliant life has no regret when DEATH comes along. And you say," Yes, I'm well prepared ! "
All I want to live in real for once, not just to exist.
Always be grateful to the one who stands by your side when you cry. He never asks a reason why, just standing by your side.
Character determines destiny.
Only the misfortune understands what fortune is, and knows how to treasure it.
Children are our futures and hopes.
Does the clown ever cry ? Yes, he does. Alone, but !
Don't let your life pass you by........ Be a Good Samaritan.
Don't wait, don't waste, don't tarry until the flowers have gone away !
Everyone has his own parents. No one comes from nowhere.
For the dream chaser : Everyone is a dream chaser. It never means every dream that can come true. I always admire for the one who has dreams. He follows it and he can make it real.
Food is for taste. Happiness is taste of life.
Fortune is where the love is.
Happiness simply is someone who truly remains beside you whether you succeed or fail.
Hope to see a better human nature on earth.
Gratitude is the one who stands by your side silently when you cry than a thousand words of comfort he says.
I always believe if everyone does a bit good deed, bit by bit, we can make a harmonious world.
I make mistakes, but I have never ever offended Heaven and reason.
If the freedom and justice are only owned by a few privileged persons, the whole nation will never have the real Freedom and Justice at all.
If we take life so seriously, we will only live in pain.
It hurts to love someone and not to be loved in return. But the most regret is to love someone and never have the title to let the one to know how deep my love is to.......
Just for a persistence of faith, many people deplete their entire lives in the everlasting awaited.
Life is faded away in the everlasting awaited.
Life is like a taste of honey, sour, bitter, spice, salty. Hope you will taste the honey one day.......SOON !
Life is never easy. Otherwise, you will never treasure for what you have.
Life should be as colorful as the rainbow. Please remember, you are your own painter always.......
Love is my entirety. Love is not for me, but !
Love means : You are not finding a suitable person. You be the suitable person made of love.
Need to be smart by existing. Need to be wise by living.
A trivial generosity of a stranger, perhaps it will let you thank forever.
Never doubt of your talents, all you wait for is just a right opportunity. Then, you can fly high up to where you belong.......
No matter how far he can go in his entire life. No matter how much he can achieve in his entire life. No matter how much burdens he can take in his entire life. FAMILY - - - IS HIS LAST REFUGE.
No one can punish us, our own karma, but.
Not everyone has the title to love or be loved. If you can love and be loved, be sure to love with all your soul.
Nothing is difficult when one can overcome with it !!!
People eat, but few can taste.
Such two speeches cannot wait : I LOVE YOU and I AM SORRY. Elsewise, you may live with regrets to the end.
The country has no future without Freedom and Justice.
The dolt is not a hindrance. The greatest hindrance in life is dolt and sloth.
The earth is getting very sick day by day. But, the human minds are thousand times sicker than it ! You yourself are the only healer !!!
The greatest grief in life is to have no choice !
The infatuation love is caused the entire life with regrets.
The most fatality in human nature is greedy and selfish.
The primal and the best education start from family.
There are many ways to seek wisdom. BOOK --- is one of the major sources.
There are two regrets in life : You get what you don't want. Or you don't get what you want.
There is only one greatest treasure at this moment, this time, this life....... TO LOVE AND BE LOVED.
Things are going a pair ! Things are going opposite ! All kinds of everything !
Time is the greatest thief in life.
True happiness is sharing of hearts.
Try to seek for the success, never find an excuse for the failure.
We all live in a world of commonwealth....... Truly hope there will have a better human nature on earth !!!
We can lose everything, but self-confidence.
We regret, repent and remorse only when we have lost exhaustively.