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A succesful relationship is held together by a couple who complement each other

That which brings us together is that which pulls us apart
Its never about what you've lost however what you've gained
Give your heart to a soul; Who knows you, Who's your best freind, Who knows what to do when your down Someone who supports and believes in your dreams Someone who truly loves you for you
Sometimes it's hard to believe in sunlight when all you know is darkness but never lose hope the light always pierces through
It's wise to ask before making an assumption
Helping or doing an act of good is noble but remember it's the intention behind that act which counts Why are you doing it truly, are you looking for something in return or is it truly selfless
When you look you see a beauty but when you get to know it, it transforms into something truly magical
If there is trust then there's no fear, this should be the foundations of any relationship whether it be a spiritual one or a romantic one
There may be a destiny to your design but it doesn't mean there can't be any course corrections, otherwise without free will we'd be following a path instead of creating it along the way
What if your ready but the universe is still shaping the events of the things you want to come your way Be patient extra ordinary moments can require precise variables or in the blink of an eye they could simply happen Believe in surprises
Sometimes the most beautiful and wondrous of things can be right under your nose
Today before you doubt yourself and fill your hearts with fear and worries Remember...... You're beautiful, You're magnificent, You yourself is enough, You have more to offer than you believe, You are the reason someone smiled today, You are the conscious universe itself expressing it's beauty through the subconscious connection to the whole in your own unique way, Most importantly you are a beacon of hope and unconditional love So remember before you say I can't or I never get what I want Stop for a moment and remember you how truly phenomenal you really are with humility and integrity begin
Event that's are happen now haven't just happened they've been in the making for a great deal of time from a month to even a yr or longer So who knows what last year could bring tomorrow
Be proud of yourself for the battles you have faced and come out stronger Even though you may of had support ultimately you faced them alone
What can often seem so far away is right here with you now
Somewhere out there events and people are coming together for something truly amazing to come your way it may not seem it now with whatever you may be going through However believe that there is a miracle on it's way to you and in the blink of an eye itll make sense of what's happening now Trust in yourself and that which you believe in
Before taking any action or making an endless list of goals always look at the intentions behind what your doing and why
When I close my eyes I see your face but I'm afraid to open them again incase I forget how you looked that moment I first saw you but I always trust you'll be in my heart and in that moment
What your calling out for if you stopped to listen it's calling out for you too
Worry not because you know you'll be just fine however take my hand and let us grow together Trust yourself and the higher power working through you
Listen to the rain and find the silence
The greater your imagination the greater your will and spirit to achieve that which beings in your hearts & minds
When you are in the now there is no fear, no doubt or worries only trust and faith in what is, Fears and worries only exist in the future and when your mind wonders there you lose this moment this gift of clarity, So silence, listen, understand and welcome yourself home Be in the Now
Trust your heart but what if you heart doesn't know what it wants? if you allow yourself to in tune with it over time you'll begin to trust it and it'll lead it to becoming one your greatest assets then you'll know what it truly wants This process will come with pain and set backs but remember without these we won't learn how to in tune with correctly and that guidance it brings The heart is the greatest gift known to mankind and its wisdom can lead us to journeys and connections like no other Place your hand over your chest, close your eyes hear it beating and feel it against your hand, this is your gift to the world and your reason for being become one with it and share that love only you can in your own magnificent way
People are often so fixated on the goal that they miss out on the greatest gift of them all the journey itself it's not that theres a sense of fulfilment when you reach the goal however the wisdom gained towards it is what makes it that much more rewarding so indeed reach for the stars but be mindful of the earth beneath you, the oceans around you and the blue skies above you when you make that journey up

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