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The smallest faith can have the biggest difference.

The real conversation is spoken in silence, when most converse it is either a negative one towards others or events, if you have nothing positive to say why spread negativity
To see an opportunity where others may see a fault is the beginnings of a successful mindset
I've seen your sunrise and I've seen your sunset. I've never known a beauty like yours and when where together everything is right. I just want you to know that I'm here for you, always have been and always will be. I love you.
Never allow someone's opinion of another person, affect how you judge them. Welcome everyone with open arms
There are times when You feel low and have lost all hope, but then you hear the birds singing and you realise that everything will be okay
Sometimes you can know the whole world but still feel lonely, however because you are who you are you'll always wear your smile and make sure knowone else feels as lonely today.
Happiness is something that comes from within.
Like a tree lay strong routes before you begin reaching towards the stars, so that no matter how hard the wind blows you'll keep growing.
Don't let someone else's opinion effect how you see someone, welcome everyone with open arms
There'll be times when you feel like giving up, when you've tried & tried but nothing seems to come through, but always remember to hold on because sometimes you have to fight for what you really want, persevere and keep braking through those walls.
There'll always be a battle between the conscious and subconscious mind eventually the subconscious succeeds, only a handful will attain a higher level to find peace between both. Many will spent a lifetime in search of this peace, but it’ll never be one wasted each step moves you closer to that truth, your truth. You’ll never find an absolute truth simply one that applies to you
If you only realised how important you are, maybe you'd get up and make something of yourself
Believe you are worthy and don't let small variables affect the bigger picture
No one but you can choose what you become, or the path you take
There'll be times when things are so clear but it takes a long time to realise it
Why be afraid to show your true self, do you want to be surrounded by Sheep's all your life
The times is now don't wait for tomorrow
A silent soul doesn't mean a weak one
We're all fighting our own personal battles, whatever they are keep going, don't give up, trust in your abilities to make it through.
It’ll never just be rose petals, you’ll have to face some thorns what matters is how you come out of them.
Don't concern yourself with being better than the person next to you, having endless bits of paper, what you do you do for your own personal journey the achievements of others apply to their journey not yours. Leave this world knowing you utilised the void between birth and death to become a greater soul for the journey to come next.
Know that you deserve to be loved, if someone has turned you down don't let it overwhelm you, just remember something better is on its way and when you meet that person you'll see it couldn't have been any other way or person.
If your gonna do something do it with purpose and make it your own.
Your born to die so don't waste the time you have between it, live an inspired life and lay strong foundations for those who follow.
The essence of true love is born through deeply rooted foundations, which begin to blossom an understanding and connection that transcends the physical, which no distance can separate. To see a beauty that only the heart can understand, where the physical world matters not, to release all burden and return to the source to become eternal as one
Be 100% clear on what you want, only then will the universe build bridges to help you get there
There'll always be a sunrise and sunset, but there'll only ever be one of you, focus on you and your personal journey and don't get distracted no matter how tempting
When something good begins to happen, your preconditioned beliefs suddenly kick in and your mind finds way to sabotage things. Keep focused, don't allow the negativity to overwhelm you, change in any form whether it's a companion, a new job, a step closer to a dream etc can be scary but Why not embrace that fear and trust in yourself, your abilities, take that leap of faith and move forward. It's better to have tried then to sit and wonder what could have been
Don't be afraid to let someone in, the past may hold many scars but see them for what they were a new strength and hope is born from those wounds. As much as you've attained a strength and individuality don't let that cloud your feelings, hide the truth, block the part of you that's lonely and wishes to be loved. Drop the masks, games and tests begin to believe something wonderful is right in front of you and take leap of faith that everything is right in this moment without looking back.
It's wise to understand the universal love before you seek it from another soul
Words can only go so far, actions slightly further but then there's a deeper conversation on a spiritual level where the truth is spoken
What's true will never be separated
It's human instinct to feel wanted, to be apart of something, to seek companionship. Don't let that desire overwhelm you to the point where you forget who and what you are, stay true to yourself no matter how hard and the right souls will surround you in the right moments
People will come and go, some will leave a smile, some a lesson and others a place in your heart, be grateful for the memories and forge forward, Believe in the power of one
Be 100% clear on what you want, only then will the universe build bridges to help you get there
When the moment arises you will know and you'll alright have been best friends before you've met
When the moment arises you will know and you'll already have been best friends before you've met
The moment you think your better than someone else is the moment you lose the battle. Learn to see with the third eye and understand that everything that ever was and will be is within you. You are the lucky numbers, use that belief to forge your own personal journey 
Don't ever feel you can't give someone what they want, preconception can ruin the beginning of a great journey
Does the mind fear what the heart knows to be true
Detach yourself from that which limits your personal development and focus on you, don't look at others and wish you had what they have the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Look within, harness your chi and with its might forge forward to achieve that which your heart desires. Believe in Hope so the moments to follow will be beautiful ones, Believe in Love so you to can help those around you to believe in its beauty again and most importantly believe in the self and its majesty. Believe in the power of one!
If you can begin to interpret the signals you are receiving from the universe, you can begin to create a symbiosis with it, move a step closer to enlightenment and finding that truth which applies to you. Although its complexity is far beyond our understanding even a hint of its signals can build bridges for a better future.
A prepared mind is a successful one
Don't be afraid of your purpose, whether its writing, speaking, training, art, design, culture and so on Go Into the world and share it, believe in it and not matter what comes in your way use that belief to keep going
Every success story began with the decision to try
When you believe, your heart rises to any challenge
The mind is always free, yet it is us who imprison it
You'll know when a new journey is upon you and you'll be ready for whatever it presents
Whatever pain your going through, don't let it allow you to become that which hurt you
Don't allow wounds from the past, to sew into the seed of a beautiful future
The essence of true love is born through deeply rooted foundations, which begin to blossom an understanding and connection that transcends the physical, which no distance can separate. To see a beauty that only the heart can understand, where the physical world matters not, to release all burdens and return to the source to become eternal as one
Don't be so quick to judge someone by the way they look, you never know you could be missing out on something amazing
The greatest and most important investment you'll ever make will be in your own personal development The more you understand yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses, the greater knowledge you'll have to succeed at whatever your focused on
The nights sky would look so much more different with one less star up there, Don't ever under estimate your importance
You may not know what's to come but you know what your capable of and you trust you'll be ready whatever it is
One of the greatest strengths you'll ever know will be to put your pride aside and find that courage to ask for help
Laugh at your mistakes and learn from the past, be grateful for the lessons that have made you better today
Wherever you are along your joureny and whatever the situation, trust its for betterment
Before you take any action, look at the intentions behind them first

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