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Dave Oshana started sharing his practical, experiental approach to spirituality after being irrevocably transformed on 19 June 2000. Oshana credits his transformation to the Enlightenment Transmission - a universal force that helps to free individuals from spiritual limitation.

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Of Love there are many kinds. Before a person experiences overwhelming love in this world something must open up inside. Pierce the canopy above this level and Love will rain in, changing the whole human experience.

Enlightenment is a full, permanent recognition of what one truly is, free of all false positions, speculations and other mental encumbrances. At the end of a hard day trading, it is enlightenment that is the only thing worth taking home from the spiritual marketplace.
The ultimate love is to give yourself in every moment for the greater good.
Love when expressed through the human body, heart and mind takes a variety of forms depending on its object. For a happy fulfilled life it is necessary to have a full and free expression of love.
Full happiness comes from fully happy relationships. Anyone who denies this simply has not fully drunk from the infinite well of love.
Your natural spiritual qualities are all that you have. They are your true treasures and are the light of this world and the next.
Your own senses will reveal the truth. You are not required to believe anything - just come along for the ride of life discovery.
Recognise your existence outside of and beyond form, enter The Space Before Time and your spiritual search will be fully fulfilled.
I laugh every day that "I got Enlightened". It's absurd. ... Now I am an Enlightened Person. That's hilarious and surreal. I talk to people who say they are unenlightened. That's unreal!
Every soul which is born on Earth comes to bring unique, never-seen-before contributions to life on this planet. Your unique gifts can create a life of greater worth, quality and value. It only takes a token degree of willingness to show up. I have seen the Transmission perform miracles: radical, unexpected and massively positive improvements within a short time.
Every heartbeat is a step closer to death -- the final frontier. It's a good idea to start preparing for the other side.
When you die the only thing that you will be able to take with you is your loving ability and your love balance. You'd be a fool not to work your love tool!
Love will have its way. Love will always find a way. Sooner or later it's going to sweep you up and take you to where it's going.
Positive linking, catching the spirit of Creation, merging with destiny and your purpose, being a vessel for love to flow, giving more than you receive - this is how transcendence of the opposites happens.
Our lives could be experienced as a single unending moment of bliss, happiness and ecstasy experienced personally, collectively, globally and universally.
In deep meditation the waves which comprise the soul harmonise.
Wonderful new horizons open up and are accessible when you aim to be fully conscious in every moment
Life is perfect even in imperfection
Wherever there is form, substance and activity there also has to be emptiness. Find the emptiness and the search for your Real Self will really accelerate.
Every concept leads to a new thought. Each new thought creates more seeking. The Minimalist Enlightenment Path avoids creating concepts but directs the seeker of self-realisation directly towards the goal: the Self, the origin of Self-Consciousness.
Deep love is more than physical touch – it is being touched on every level, in every cell of your body, every oxygen molecule in your breathing, every firing neuron in your brain. We want to be touched by Life until we are bursting and to share that uncontainable joy with others.
Time and time again I find that those who claim to want to be "spiritually free" actually, in fact, want only to acquiesce to their ego, but with a little more comfort. It isn't possible because the ego causes unremitting pain punctuated with brief moments of numbness.
Wake Up and Come Back to Reality" is the theme of my spiritual mission.
Meditation is a natural state. The human body falls into meditation every easily. The key to meditation is simply to go with the inner flow.
There is a simple and direct way to happiness. Complicated methods are simply wrong
Experience the blissfulness of the choiceless life. Let Existence determine what you will do. You never really had a choice anyway, did you?
The real costs of living on Earth are huge, unseen and obligatory. If you don't hand over the real stuff then you are simply doomed to live a life of tender obscurity when you could have been a legend in your own lunchtime.
From this point onwards you only have the rest of your life to look forward to. And it should precisely that: rest. Haven't you always desired to retire from heavy and unnatural labours so that you can actually start enjoying? The rest of your life starts today!
As everything drops away you will have only your self. When you are fully your self then you are Enlightened
As unobtainable, as you have heard, that Enlightenment is, it is in fact within your reach, already waiting within the palm of your hand. Not much stands in your way. Nothing that you could not move in one day.
The good news is that Enlightenment is, and always has been, possible no matter what the odds as seen in the story of Jesus of Nazareth.
A useful and effective spiritual teaching naturally leads to experiencing your nature, desires, intentions and acute awareness of your blockages, resistances and uncomfortable zones. Working in the here and now, it moves you in a way which will seem revolutionary and super fast.
We come from Love and return to Love and in between we try to get some Love while still in the physical form on Earth.
Effort applied in the appropriate direction opens up the treasure chest of heaven.
Doesn't the Universe demand, in unison with every fibre in your body, complete and absolute satisfaction? Is that not your sole, primary and fundamental drive - your raison d'être?.
Experience, manifestation and activity are part of an unending cycle of creation within which you are fully involved.
Enter The Rose Garden of The Transmission and finally arrive Home on the other shore, to experience heavenly delights whilst still within the human form.
What you really need is someone or something which will open your eyes, not close them or cover them with jargon and impossible practices. If you don't then you won't get to know why you are not getting to wake up. You quite likely think that you should wake up if you are earnest and devout, but something eludes you, does it not?
The average human life is a collage of rice-paper thin illusions held strongly together by the glue of the Ego's incredulousness of Reality. Kick the habit!
Co-creating with the Universe is a serious business – not one to be left to chance. Take it easy, relax, the good news is that you are already co-creating, you just have not realised it - until now.
Easter is a special time where the co-incidence of three cosmic events thin the veils of illusion, making it possible to receive protection, awakening and guidance and thereby accelerate your spiritual progress.
If the spiritual path is more like rally-cross than a teddy bear's walk in the garden of life, then you will do well to have a look at the map and to train your reflexes and manoeuvres. Making a mistake is deadly - the ego is unforgiving, you could end up in a hole. Leave that place free for holier-than-thou types. Get ahead, and get out of the spiritual rat race.
Understanding the transition and rebirth presented by death and the consequences will make it easier for you to set up the most aware, natural and appropriate connections for you, your loved ones and your ancestors. Vital, not to be missed information awaits you now.
If you are to have peace in this world, and the next, then your ancestral tree has to cleaned of unresolved psychological issues. This unavoidable work must be completed before you leave this planet. You will do it for yourself and everyone. This is non-negotiable.
Imitating someone's idea of success is never a good idea even more so when it comes to spirituality. Since most people are inside their own gaol of illusion, what do they know? They don't. Breaking out into expanded vistas of conscious starts with spiritual autonomy – today.
I got enlightened. And I did not even do that by myself! It was the Enlightenment Transmission which got me Enlightened and it is only the Enlightenment Transmission which I have to share with you. Take advantage of the opportunity!
The complete answer to the question "How can I get Enlightened?" is to become a channel for that Energy which causes Enlightenment to happen, the Enlightenment Transmission. By doing so, you can help ensure access to the Transmission for future generations.
Emotions arise as intelligent helpers, like angels from heaven, to enable the soul within the human body to complete their mission.