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Its Thursday or as i like to call it Thirstday, be thirsty & attack your goals. Wake up thirsty 4 success, success is running like water time to quench your thirst.
Good music feeds your soul, bad music tear's a hole. Any genre fits it's just what you make of it.
Productivity over pleasure, It is a pleasure being productive.
Talk is cheap, but promises are expensive. Only use them on occasions.
It is hard to show you the bigger picture when you don't have the right frame of mind.
Music, fashion & currency is the paint to life's portrait, but your originality is what makes it distinct.
Its Tuesday or as i call it Toolsday, get your tools & sources ready for today's mission. PUSH attitude & common sense; results in common cent's & that's Big Change
Its Toolsday, pack a Tool don't be a tool & use what you got to get closer to the top . Sources & connects are key factors to success.
Say Something, Do Something, Make nothing become something. Be Something.
Don't do it for the hater's do it for your health. The hating comes along with your acquired wealth.
Plans full of possibilities & exceptions. Wake up with alternatives so your day won't waste away.
If you hate your life, change your way of living, suicide should not be committed.
Become a pilot of a money plane, conductor of a fashion train or driver of drop head music at the end of the day you can become something you dreamed of reality is within your reach, Don't Dream Drive to your goal. Become Someone.
Happy Toolsday, Make Funds not a Fool of yourself to better your wealth. Use what you learn from work or school as a tool to continue your success drive.
Some of y'all talking about money, Most of y'all shouldn't be talking...Shhh just sit & listen, since you can pay attention.
Working hard each day is a party in itself. You network, you get paid to be there and u love what you do. So its like you party everyday.
To be a leader sometimes you have to follow the footsteps of other leaders. Follow the leaders and you too can lead followers.
Its Winsday if your not going to school or going to a 9am-5pm job, be productive; motivated to make your own is what winners Do
I hate the saying "life's to short" but since this is true and our days are not promised the road to success is long so act now.
Some of y'all are talking about money, Most of y'all should not be talking...Shhh just sit & listen, since you can pay attention.
Its Winsday complications may be apart of your situations, challenges create balances and winners love a challenge.
Distractions are like banana peels on your run to success, you are likely to slip and miss out on what is important. Do not get distracted.
Its Toolsday pack ya tool and move day, skills and connects keep you moving to success don't be stationary u'll get beat by ur adversary.
People look for compliments to boost their confidence, but don't keep giving them what they look for, you will create a pompous monster.
Fashion is a Sport, onlookers & spectators everywhere, some hating & some congratulating. Either way ur the topic of discussion.
People don't answer calls, text, emails, some people don't even answer to there own name, people got smart phones but they answer to stupidity. Charge your Brain
Make your last words make the first impression. Leave the room with someone looking at you as if you were the sun or the moon.
No one is perfect, everyone with a bright future has a dark past.
Love is incredible but best friends are Unforgettable.
Your words are a weapon & casualties are common in conversations of love.
You should never have a statement for a hater. You gain them as a result of your action so you shouldn't have words for them

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